How to get 10,000 Instagram followers in 2021?

“The first step to getting more followers is getting a few. If you want ten thousand in 2021, find something worth following and do it better than anyone else.”

-Guy Kawasaki

The most popular question in everyone’s mind is how to grow your Instagram account in 2021?

So, we asked two mystery Instagram influencers about their thoughts on the same and here are the answers.

First Influencer’s Answer:

To get 10,000 Instagram followers in 2021, you should post high-quality content, post consistently, tag other users and engage with them.
The key to success on social media is never to underestimate the power of engagement. Being human at all points throughout your Instagram journey will help establish a buffer around your feed where others are less likely to see misleading content or photoshopped images that lead members astray. Most importantly click the little button next to what you want someone else’s comment/message/selfie thread on an artist page- anything besides a “like.” A like has lost it’s meaning since 2016 when platforms were flooded with likes from bots. Comments and messages are way more valuable than that single blue heart next

Second Influencer’s Answer:

No one knows who will be sitting on the next throne of social media, nor what will drive human culture in five or ten years’ time. What we do know for certain is that what gains currency in 2021 – how many followers someone has, their Klout score – will be wholly different to whatever wins cultural hegemony now. The best advice one can give you when it comes to getting popular on Instagram is this.

How to get 10,000 Instagram followers in 2021?

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