How to Get More Real Active Followers on Instagram

Are you looking to create a personal brand on Instagram? If so, it’s important that you follow these 10 tips. You’ll need to put in the time and effort if you want your account to grow! Here are some of our favorite ways for growing an Instagram following:

– Posting high-quality photos

– Interacting with other users

– Engaging your audience

– Posting often enough to keep people interested.

– Commenting on others’ posts

– Following the right hashtags for your niche and interests

Here are a few more tips:

– Plan out what you want to post in advance, this will help

How to get more real active followers on Instagram

– Post every day and interact with other influencers. Commenting on posts of people you admire is a great way to get more followers, but make sure your comment isn’t too spammy as Instagram might block it from their feed. Make the post count – don’t just share selfies or photos that aren’t relevant to what you’re trying, use content that helps you showcase yourself as an expert/upcoming expert in your niche.

– Be sure to use hashtags. You can’t just add a hashtag and hope that you’ll get noticed by the right people, be strategic about it! Make an Instagram account for your brand or business and then research which hashtags are relevant in order to post photos related to those specific topics. If someone is searching for something like “buy Instagram followers UK”, your website might have been tagged with a relevant hashtag like “#buy instagram followers”. If you post your picture with the appropriate hashtags then people searching for those topics will find your photo.

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– Use Stories! You can use this to share exclusive content or behind the scenes information about what’s happening in your business. Make sure that it is quality and well LIT, anyone can post random pictures of themselves and what they are eating again and again but quality content posed consistently is what makes or breaks your profile.

– Tag people! This is a great way to help them find your account and vice versa. I can’t mention how under-rated this is, tagging the right people who are your friends/people who are interested in your content can do wonders and shows that you care about the people who follow you and their interests.

– Mention your friends/other accounts in the descriptions of posts. This is a great way to introduce others and show that you appreciate them and support their content as well.

– Personalize it! Give your profile some personality by adding an intro or bio section, this will help set you apart from other people who are trying to do what everyone else is doing.

– Be a human. Whatever you put out there on the internet is an extension of yourself, so be true to that and don’t feel like it’s “too personal” or what not because this is your chance to show people who you are in every single post!

– Don’t overpost. Posting too much can make it seem desperate and asking for a lot of attention.

– Don’t post about things you don’t like. If all your posts are negative or just say “I hate this” then that is not a good look and people won’t want to continue following you.

How to get more likes on Instagram

– Add a lot of filters to your photos. Filters are free and you can use them on any photo!

– Use the “photo grid” feature in Instagram Stories so that viewers see more than one image at once.

Tips for adding text or captions:

Don’t over caption things, this will only make it seem boring while what people on Instagram are looking for is images, images, and more images.

– If you want to add a lot of captions then make sure they are all something different so it doesn’t seem like the same old thing over and over again.

Don’t use hashtags for just anything! Make sure your caption is still relevant with what you’re trying to say or it will just be pointless and a waste of valuable time.

– If you’re trying to promote your business, then make sure the caption is relevant with what it is because that’s the whole point.

– Hashtags are good if they relate to who you are as an individual too! For example #fashionblogger or #travellover

How to find the best pictures for Instagram:

– Find your favorite picture of the moment and upload it to Instagram.

– Make sure you edit before you put them up on Instagram or else they will be all over the place in terms of quality, colors, etc.

– Add a caption that is relevant to what’s happening and then add hashtags!

And if you’re tired of doing all the Instagram marketing by yourself and need a jumpstart, reach out to us and get active Instagram followers in 2021 and be prepared to go viral on Instagram!

How to Get More Real Active Followers on Instagram

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