How to Make Money with Instagram: A Complete Guide

Have you been wondering how to make money with Instagram? If so, this blog post is for you. While there are no specific ways to make money on Instagram, there are many ways to make some extra cash using the app. For those looking for a job or who want an additional source of income, these tips will help you get started!

Tips for making money on Instagram:

– Sign up with an affiliate marketing program. This is the easiest way to make some cash through your account since you’ll be earning commission based off what’s sold when people click links in your posts and shop online. Some programs will even give you a free domain so that everyone knows where they can buy whatever it is you’re promoting! You just post pictures of things like shoes, clothes or makeup using hashtags pertaining to those items then link to the site selling them at the end of your caption. It doesn’t get any easier than this!

– Sell products from home via social media pages – There are also many apps out there now that help businesses sell their products without maintaining a website or worrying about the handling costs that come with drop-ship sites. Instagram is a great way to promote your products and make some cash in the process!

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Just follow these few steps:

– Find an app that best suits you – There are many apps out there, but I’ve found Shopify as being one of the most popular ways social media influencers make their money on instagram. It’s also what I use for my blog! You can create up to three eCommerce stores with this platform and it has over 200 drag n’ drop templates which makes creating them super fast and easy. The only downside is that they do charge $14/month so be mindful of how much inventory you’re trying to sell while on here because it will cost more than other platforms.

– Upload your products – Add up to three eCommerce stores to the platform and upload different items you would like for them to sell so people can purchase from Instagram. Be sure not to exceed $14/month in fees!

– Create a promotion post with discount code – Take one of your most popular photos as an example, take out all watermarks (so other companies cannot use it) then make a caption that says “InstaHype is giving 20% off on their entire store” and put this link below:’. You always want the final step in any social media campaign be some sort of sale or contest at the end to make sales.

– Partner with other companies – If you have any friends in the business that are on Instagram, ask them to partner together! Be sure to find out if they offer coupons or discounts for their customers so you can advertise those deals as well and get more people interested.

– Get creative – Make a photo of your product in front of popular landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or Golden Gate Bridge, use tools such as VSCO Cam (free), Snapseed (free) or Facetune ($0.99) then post it on Instagram with a caption advertising one specific thing about your company.”

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How to Make Money with Instagram: A Complete Guide

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